From a safety perspective this method of production is the ideal solution for both employers in charge of safety policies and employees in charge of operating equipment.

This is because employees will find they have to make less contact with these tools in comparison to what they would if working with manual apparatus and therefore run less risk of injury. Employers will find they are in a stronger position regarding safety policies as they run less risk of lawsuits as a response to injuries incurred at work and a stronger workforce because less employees will be absent due to injury.

Employers will also benefit from the guarantee they have from this type of equipment that it is impossible for operators to take short cuts whilst using it this is because the computer commands that the machine is used in the correct way and therefore instructions wills always dictate that it does so.

This means that the finished result of the machines efforts will always be produced to the quality expected and the same every time. This reliability is what keeps clients and therefore rewards the employer for his/her investment.

In full CNC has now become such a major part of modern manufacturing that it is likely that it will end up overtaking most other forms of production because of the advantages it can bring to modern business. Thus alongside ongoing research and develop can make for an exciting future in the industrial world.