Extensive Sliding Head Machining Capabilities

With 24x Sliding Head Machines, we provide a wide range of machining capabilities. CNC machining is precise, accurate and efficient, and we execute even the most intricate turned parts designs in high volumes, with competitive pricing and non-stop production.

Sliding Head Turned Parts: Size Capabilities:

We have 24 Sliding Head Lathes, all operated by Computer Numerical Control (CNC), all with powered tooling for cross working or milling and all with sub-spindles for back end working too.

Min Diameter: 3 mm
Max Diameter: 38 mm

Competitive Pricing for UK Manufactured Turned Parts

We carefully assess components designs at the quotation stage to ensure we have capacity to accommodate your order. With our planning and range of machines, you receive the most competitive price for your parts, manufactured in the UK.

Our Sliding Head Machining Process

Traditional fixed-head machining rotates the workpiece whilst the tools move around the stock material creating the part’s geometry. Sliding head machining works in the opposite way by holding the turning tooling stationary while the material moves through a fixed guide bush onto the tool. The main advantages to this method are for smaller diameter materials where the guide bush supports the material maintaining accuracy during the machining process to avoid deflection.

  1. The material size and profile is chosen to minimise waste.
  2. Workshop drawings are prepared to standardise the information required to machine your parts making allowance for plating (for example) or other subsequent operations.
  3. We create a machine program using ONECNC software for more complex parts and select the appropriate cutting tools, feed rate and depth of cut to suit the base material.
  4. Pro-forma sample reports are created and populated that are aligned to the workshop drawing and used for independent verification of the part’s conformance before commencement.
  5. The machine can then run and process the rest of the batch with ongoing inspection reports being completed during the process and patrol inspection.
  6. Additional operations and processes are completed.
  7. Your parts are despatched or stocked for future call off.

Sliding Head Machining from Wilco Manufacturing

  • High Quality
  • Reduced Costs
  • Great Customer Service

With 24x Sliding Head CNC Lathes in our factory in Birmingham, we can run machining jobs side by side to minimise delays and provide quick turn-arounds on our subcontract orders.

Our largest sliding head machines can take on parts up to 38mm diameter, and we hold positive stock for your replacement parts at no extra charge.

Contact our team to discuss your particular requirements and how we can produce your turned parts for you. We are happy to offer advice on any point of material, manufacture and machining approach to optimise your design so that you receive quality engineered pieces at the best possible cost.